Basics of Oil Spill Response training program has been designed to provide a first level introduction-training course that covers the essential topics required for all levels of workers involved in planning, managing, and carrying out the response and clean-up oil spills. These topics follow the basic material that is covered by the IMO Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Training Course.

The training course can be used in place of or to supplement classroom activities and also as an introduction or refresher to other oil spill response training activities. The training materials have been prepared by internationally recognized leaders in oil spill response training who have conducted many hundreds of courses worldwide and responded to actual major oil spills.

The complete course requires approximately six hours. The user can take the course at one session or can progress on a step-by-step basis through the individual modules and spread the training over a period of time.

Basics of Oil Spill Response training program is available in four packages: Desktop version for a single computer, Intranet version, Intranet version with a Learning Management System that allows you to track the progress of learners and add additional training courses, and could be accessed though our E-Learning Portal.

Who should take this course

This course is designed for all technicians or supervisors who will participate in oil spill response teams or manage logistics and waste disposal in the field, Incident Command Team, and On-Scene Commanders.

Table of Contents

  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) Properties of Oil
  • 3) Behaviour of Oil on Water
  • 4) Spill Response Equipment
  • 5) Response Techniques
  • 6) Response Strategies
  • 7) Surveillance & Monitoring
  • 8) Safety at Oil Spills
  • 9) Spill Management
  • 10) Manual